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Asset Performance Management Software

Enhance the availability and performance of your assets while reducing risks and costs.

Maximize the Performance Potential of Your Production Assets

As industrial facilities have become more complex, so has the role asset management. The introduction of predictive technologies, CMMS and documented work processes go a long way towards streamlining management but can fall short of real improvements to plant performance. Monitoring those assets can create mountains of data without a short path to the information that will improve asset management and overall performance.

Emerson’s Asset Performance Management software solutions deliver the focus and clarity necessary to achieve the plant’s vision of peak performance. They can move users from reactive states to proactive, strategic planning and deliver a sophisticated, holistic view of assets in the facility or across the enterprise.

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Levers for Optimizing Asset Performance

Enhance Operational Performance with a Proactive Reliability Strategy

Enhance Operational Performance with a Proactive Reliability Strategy

Having a proactive reliability management strategy is the secret against declining operational performance, while improving process availability and lowering operating costs.


Improve Availability with Asset Health Management

Identify developing faults using predictive diagnostics on asset health to plan efficient maintenance activities.


Optimize Your Enterprise Performance with Risk Management

A comprehensive asset performance management program can improve a company’s performance through increased uptime, increased production, increased throughput, and decreased maintenance costs.

Asset Performance Services

Advanced Control & Optimization

Optimize performance by increasing throughput, increasing conversion, increasing on spec product, and reducing by-product.  

Operational Excellence

Through proven, flexible, yet repeatable methodologies, Emerson’s Professional Services helps clients quantify their business improvement opportunity and create a scalable, achievable roadmap.

Connected Services

Interpret data from your equipment and processes and provide actionable insights to improve reliability, safety, performance and profitability.

Asset Condition Monitoring

Specialists are available to monitor data from Emerson’s route-based vibration analyzers, wireless vibration devices, and online systems.

Reliability Lifecycle Services

Emerson’s reliability solutions improve and preserve your asset reliability and investment.

Asset Performance Services

Improve profitability by applying practical operational maintenance strategies to attain your asset management and reliability goals.

The Latest

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Continuous Condition Monitoring Cuts Costs

In an article in the AFPM Summit Conference News, Emerson’s Jacob Swafford makes the case for continuous versus intermittent condition monitoring.
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