Automation Solutions Brands

Automation Solutions Brands

Emerson’s industry-leading brands embody our proven innovation, engineering expertise and best-in-class technologies.

Stake Your Business on Our Brands

Look to our world-renowned brand portfolio for the right product solutions and predictable outcomes for your automation challenges. Emerson brands optimize performance across measurement instrumentation technologies, actuation solutions, control and safety systems, operations management and more. Select a brand listed below.

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Emerson’s latest innovation, AEV C-Ball Valves, is set to revolutionize the way you think about ball valves in the isolation of your cryogenic and severe service processes.


Trusted pneumatic solutions delivering steadfast and long-lasting operation for industrial applications with industry leading IoT connectivity.

Anderson Greenwood

An innovative, comprehensive portfolio of pressure management solutions that define industry standards for repeatable, bubble-tight shutoff and long life.


Asset monitoring and health analysis solutions that help you proactively manage your assets to improve reliability.


Trusted electrical products designed to protect people, equipment, and facilities by providing exceptional safety and reliability in the harshest environments. 


Wherever manufacturing or processing happens, ASCO fluid control products set the standard for helping customers maximize efficiencies, optimize applications, and transform ideas into measurable outcomes.


Ensure efficient cleaning and sanitizing, control a high flow range, and increase rangeablility with solutions designed to meet the stringent demands of today’s state-of-the-art facilities.


Market leader in high performing actuation technologies for the toughest valve automation challenges.


Whether it's creating the perfect join or producing an immaculate part, Branson material joining and precision cleaning solutions make it possible for machine builders and manufacturers to quickly and economically adapt to the latest trends, from packaging to medical to automotive applications.


Reliable pressure control devices suitable for a wide range of process media including steam, air, liquids, and process gases for both industrial and cryogenic service.


Reliable, cost-effective solutions engineered specifically for slurry and abrasive applications for the Power, Pulp and Paper, Mining and other industries.


Direct spring-operated pressure relief valves for gas, liquid, steam and multi-phase applications.


Specifically engineered for marine customers who need compact, high performance actuators that are energy-efficient, reliable and require minimal maintenance. 


Easy and flexible modern automation systems that eliminate operational complexity and minimize project risk.


World leader in the development and manufacture of vapor control equipment used anywhere liquids and gases are processed or stored.


Fasani globe valve designs are ideal for on / off services with an extended range up to NPS 24 DN 600, while the check valves combine maximum safety, high flow efficiency, and long service life wherever the prevention of flow reversal is demanded.


Highly reliable flow control technologies to help you regulate and isolate your processes with certainty.


Expertise and innovation to meet changing conditions of the natural gas market through development of regulators, shutoff devices, skids, and more.


An actuation valve protection system that provides reliable, cost-effective end-stroke damping and premature valve failure, leakage and fugitive emissions.


A line of performance-driven utility ball valves that provides comprehensive designs in full or reduced bore sizes DN8-DN300 and pressure ratings up to ASME class 600 featuring certified fire-tested designs for arduous and flammable "fire-safe" applications.


Butterfly Valves with a reliable and robust construction, higher cycle life with lower total cost of ownership


Premium manual and automated ball valves and actuators, capable of a million cycles a year, making them the reliable, efficient and long-lasting solution in the chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries.


Top industrial and commercial safety relief valve for cryogenic or high temperature environments.


Premium isolation valves designed and engineered for severe service applications where scale and erosion are present


Magnetic level indicators and magnetostrictive transmitters that provide a broad range of measurement and analytical technologies for process clarity and insight to reduce maintenance and help keep plants safe.


A complete range of rupture disc pressure relief devices, from simple conventional designs through composite assemblies to top-of-the-range reverse buckling discs.


Industry leading flow measurement services that help you achieve your cost, performance, and safety goals

Micro Motion

Superior Coriolis, Density and Viscosity measurement technology provides customers with the confidence and insight to continuously improve the safety and efficiency of their most critical and challenging applications.


Heat trace systems and firestop solutions designed to maintain process temperatures, avoid freezing and protect marine vessels, oil rigs, and other industrial facilities against fire, smoke, water, and explosions.


Superior valves and fittings for highly corrosive applications.


Emerson’s five decades of power and water expertise embedded within the Ovation™ distributed control system offers a reliable and innovative platform that safely evolves with technology to ensure plant availability and profitability.​​​​

Ovation Green

Optimize renewable energy asset operations with reliable and purpose-built software and automation solutions.


Highly accurate, state-of-the-art pressure instrumentation, pressure transmitters, pressure transducers and temperature sensors for some of the world's most vital and technologically-advanced industries.


Recognized as a global leader in high-quality level instrumentation in level and flow indication products for pumping, mixing, or heating liquids and gases

Plantweb™ digital ecosystem

Emerson’s scalable and secure portfolio of transformational technologies, software and services that provide relevant personnel with enhanced insight to drive operational excellence


Superior quality measurement and analytical technologies, that provide process control and clarity so plants, mills and manufacturers can operate more reliably, safely and profitably.


Leading optimization products designed to help oil and gas operators increase recovery, optimize production and improve asset integrity for the entire reservoir life cycle.


Butterfly (resilient-seated or metal-seated type), ball (in carbon steel and stainless steel), check (high-dynamic answer type), control (anti-cavitation type), and pressure-relief valves used in the oil and gas, chemical, power, mining, and other general industries.


Highly reliable control, safety and isolation valves to help you manage your steam applications accurately and efficiently.​​


Valve actuation technologies with gas-over-oil and hydraulic valve automation serving oil, LNG, offshore, subsea, and mining industries.


Power quality solutions designed to keep production lines moving and protect people, equipment, and information.  


Pressure regulators are used in the design, production and installation of regulating and metering stations, and odorization systems for the natural gas industry.


Regulators, Valves and Systems deliver a wide range of standard and custom engineered precision pressure control solutions for a diverse world market.


Discrete valve control and position sensing technology provides absolute assurance in the most challenging applications by increasing process efficiency, profitability and success.


Developing proven valve solutions that solve customers’ needs and keep process performing at their highest potential


Tank protection products that provide vapor and fugitive emissions control in addition to fire and explosion protection through an integrated line of conservation and emergency vents, flame arresters, regulators, gauge hatches, manway covers, and floating suction units.


Reliable performance and proven technology for pump protection and steam solutions.


Easy connection to anything industrial, anywhere, anytime for anyone to quickly gain access to secure, actionable analytics in our cloud native, IIoT platform with SaaS.

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