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Mission Statement

The purposes and nature for which this corporation, a Washington State nonprofit charitable organization, is formed are:


Our mission is to bring about a consensus on the usage of public land through education and respect for private property without endangering the basic freedoms of our country. We have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as part of our heritage and access to a variety of usages on private and public lands is part of this right.


Who are we, and what are we about?

  • Resources Coalition came out of the small scale mining community and our goal is a balanced approach to use of our natural resources.
  • We strive to protect our rights, those that made our country great.

Pacific Northwest Miners Rally 2019

Resources Coalition is proud to announce our annual PNW Miners Rally, August 23rd thru 25th, 2019 in historic Liberty, Washington.
The Rally is free and open to everyone.
This annual gathering provides pacific northwest mineral prospectors, miners and the general public an opportunity to openly discuss important events and actions affecting prospecting and mining, demonstrate and observe new technologies, buy and sell equipment and parts, show off some finds and catch up with friends.


Some of the Highlights of this 3 day event include;
  • Self Guided Tour of Historic Liberty
  • Watch an original Arrastra in operation
  • Visit nearby gemstone sites
  • Educational Presentations and Lectures
  • Hands on Equipment Demonstrations
  • Prospecting & Mining Associations & Clubs
  • Purchase Prospecting and Mining Equipment
  • Metal Detector Night Hunt

We invite everybody to come spend a weekend learning and re-living Washington's prospecting and mining heritage. With plenty of free tent and RV camping (dry) and a limited food service available at the rally site, there is no excuse. For those with particular needs, lodging, restaurants and shopping is available in the nearby towns. Saturday there will be a potluck dinner for those that wish to contribute.


If you desire additional information, have a product or service that you would like to sell or showcase at the rally or have a product or service you would like to donate, please contact our Rally Coordinator;
PNW Miners Rally
580 E. Old Lyme Rd.
Shelton, WA 98584
Email Link


Vendor Application
Miners Rally Flyer


New - Gold and Fish Pamphlet, June 2018

There is a new Gold and Fish Pamphlet that everyone needs to be aware of!
It can be downloaded here: Gold and Fish - June 2018
Information about the HPA rulemaking process may be found here: 2018 - Round 2 Hydraulic Code Rule Making
I hope that we will have a detailed explanation of the changes soon!


SB 5228 - 2017-18

Concerning the definition of hydraulic project in relation to the hydraulic project approval permits.
The small scale prospecting and mining community needs to comment, prepare for written and oral testimony to be directed in support of this bill OR people WILL be required to get an HPA for Highbanking!
This defines a "Hydraulic Project" as "... at or below the ordinary high water line"
Scheduled for public hearing in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Parks at 1:30 PM, January 26, 2017 (Subject to change).
SB 5228 - 2017-18


House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee

Public Hearing: HB 1077 and HB 1106 on TVW January 17, 10:00 am (1:53:30)
Testimony: William Scott Brown @ 27:20, Bruce Beatty @ 30:40, Dennis Petersen @ 36:25


Washington State Small Scale Miners Are Under Attack

Once again the Washington State small scale miners are under attack by environmental activists that seek to shutdown motorized suction dredging. They were unsuccessful last year, but have introduced two new bills that will be heard on Tuesday January 17th at 10AM in the John O’Brien Building at the State Capital in Olympia Washington. The hearings will be held in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee chaired by Representative Brian Blake. All miners that can make the trip are urged to arrive early (8 AM), be prepared to fill the seats at the hearing, and respect the hearing process. If you can’t attend the hearing leave your comments on the bill at the sites shown below.
Click here for a digest of these two bills HB 1077 and HB 1106


HB 1077 - Washington State Legislature 2017-18 (Dead)

Establishing rules for motorized suction dredge mining in rivers and streams equal to other hydraulic projects by modifying a hydraulic project approval exemption.
Sponsors: Fitzgibbon, Pollet, McBride


HB 1106 - Washington State Legislature 2017-18 (Dead)

Regulating water pollution discharges from motorized mineral prospecting activities.
Sponsors: Tarleton, Gregerson, Pollet


The meetings for the two anti-dredging bills have been set for Jan. 17 at 10AM in the John O'Brien Bldg. Rm B.


HB 1077 2017-18 (pdf)  (Establishing rules for motorized suction dredge mining in rivers and streams equal to other hydraulic projects by modifying a hydraulic project approval exemption).
HB 1077 2017-18 (pdf)  (Regulating water pollution discharges from motorized mineral prospecting activities).


Use this link 2017 Session Cutoff Calendar (Unofficial Until Adopted) to see when the key dates are for a bill to move on to executive session or die.
March 8th, 2017 is the last day to consider (pass) bills in house of origin (5 p.m.).


Washington State Legislative Educational and Instructional Material

We are providing these links for our Resources Coalition members to help answer any questions they may have regarding the legislative process in light of the current session and yet more bills aimed at the Small Scale Mineral Prospectors and Mining community.
Campus Map and Parking  PDF (223KB)
Capitol Building Brochure  PDF (2.9MB)
Citizen's Guide to Effective Legislative Participation PDF (550KB)
Congressional and Elected Officials  PDF (63KB)
District Legislative Maps Booklet  PDF (26MB)
Elected Officials and their Functions PDF (2.1MB)
Glossary of Legislation Terms PDF (1.3MB)
Guide to Lawmaking  PDF (2.0MB)
Guide to Reading a Bill  PDF (27KB)
How a Bill Becomes a Law  PDF (1.3MB)
How to Testify at the Legislature  PDF (530KB)
Org Chart State of Washington  PDF (29KB)
Overview of the Legislative Process  PDF (792KB)
Rules Committee Procedures  PDF (292KB)
Statewide District Maps with Members  PDF (832KB)
Symbols of the State of Washington  PDF (237KB)
The Washington State Legislature  PDF (62KB)


Legislative Process Tutorials

Tutorial -- Bill Tracking  PDF (2.0MB)
Tutorial -- E-Mail Notification of Hearings  PDF (461KB)
Tutorial -- How to Read The Bill History Page  PDF (132KB)   Video
Tutorial -- RSS For Bill Tracking and Status Change Notification  PDF (1.4MB)
Tutorial -- How to Search for Bills on the Legislative Web Site  PDF (1.0 MB)


Lawsuit Launched to Protect Washington Rivers, Salmon from Destructive Suction Dredge Mining

Harmful Gold-mining Method Already Restricted in California, Oregon
For Immediate Release, January 10, 2017
OLYMPIA, Wash.— Conservation groups filed a notice of intent today to sue the state of Washington for allowing highly destructive suction dredge mining in rivers and streams critical to endangered salmon and steelhead. The Washington Department of Wildlife approves the harmful recreational gold-mining technique in rivers throughout the state that are home to numerous imperiled fish species. Conservation and fisheries groups have also introduced bills in the state legislature to better monitor and regulate suction dredge mining.


Gold Vs. Salmon

by Nils Cowan KCTS 9 | Dec. 21, 2015
From August 2015 the video and story was to air on a program called In Close KCTS 9 Seattle.
It has been released as a production of Earthfix which is a media partnership of KCTS 9. It is mostly fair and balanced which is what we hoped for when we agreed to participate.
Enjoy and remember that it is only through your involvement that we may keep ability to use our public lands!
Gold Vs. Salmon: Fish Advocates And Miners Face Off In Rural Washington
Video on Youtube


WDFW invites comments on permit program that protects fish

December 21, 2015
Jeff Davis, assistant director of WDFW’s Habitat Program, said the department welcomes comments on recent updates to those rules, efforts to streamline the permitting process, and other aspects of the HPA program. Link to WDFW's news release
Email comments here through April 15, 2016 for developing its recommendations for the 2017 Legislative Session: WDFW HPA Program Ideas


Miners Making the Rules and Regulations?

Minerals & Mining Advisory Council (MMAC)
The Miners Declaration of Independance
The Council’s mission is; 1: Bring together all the groups and organizations that are fighting for the same thing. 2: Organize, modernize, institute and Unify all Nation-Wide Mining Districts. 3: Minerals and Mining to be recognized as Federal Mineral Grantees and Federal Public Land Stakeholders. 4: To recognize the Federal Mining Districts.
Strength is in harmonious numbers committed to the same beliefs.
Minerals & Mining Regulatory Reform Act – A Clear Path Respecting Mining Rights
Please visit their website to see how you can play a part in protecting your rights!


Request by the James Unsworth, Director, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Opinion Docket No. 15-12-10: The Attorney General’s Office seeks public input on the following opinion request. If you are interested in commenting on this request, you should notify the Attorney General’s Office of your interest by January 13, 2016.
1. Does RCW 77.55 (the Hydraulic Code) limit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's (WDFW) Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) jurisdiction to activities being conducted at or below the Ordinary High Water Line?
2. If the Hydraulic Code does not so limit HPA jurisdiction, what conditions must be present for the Hydraulic Code to authorize WDFW's approval jurisdiction on activities that occur above the Ordinary High Water Line?
Letter in PDF format


Rep. Gael Tarleton chosen as Majority Floor Leader in state House

December 3, 2015 - The Majority Floor Leader is primarily responsible for coordinating the floor debate and the passage of bills during the legislative session.
Tarleton will continue to serve as the vice chair of the House Technology & Economic Development Committee as well as a member of the House Transportation and Rules Committees. The 2016 legislative session, slated to last 60 days, begins January 11.
More Information


Washington State Legislative session begins January 11, 2016

We need to keep an eye out for any bill that may be introduced as in the past couple years designed to eliminate suction dredging in Washington State...
We know that there are still those working to get us out of the water!
Washington State Legislature Pre-filed Bills



Posted on Friday, December 04, 2015
Despite a surge of opposition in recent weeks, legislation to adopt the Yakima Basin Plan has been passed by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, a milestone for a concerted planning effort that has been underway since 2009.
More Information


Tucson’s Center For Biological Diversity Continues Sue And Settle Campaign

November 27, 2015
The state of California has offered to pay $350,000 to a coalition of environmental groups, including the Karuk Tribe and Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity, to drop a lawsuit over the California Department of Fish & Wildlife’s 2012 suction dredge mining regulations,according to Public Lands for the People.
This stuff needs to stop!!! Sue And Settle Campaign



It's All About The Money? Sue And Settle Campaigns!

For Immediate Release, November 20, 2015
Conservation, Fishing Groups Move to Join Lawsuit to Protect Oregon From Gold Mining Impacts
Groups Defend Restrictions on Mining Practices Harmful to Salmon, Waterways, Wildlife
Who are they?
Here's who: Center for Biological Diversity, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, Rogue Riverkeepers, Cascadia Wildlands and more!
Center for Biological Diversity News Release


10 Million acres to be withdrawn!!!

Comment period ends 01/15/2016
The BLM filed an application requesting the Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals Management to withdraw, subject to valid existing rights, approximately 10 million acres of BLM-managed public and National Forest System lands located in the States of Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming from location and entry under the United States mining law, but not from leasing under the mineral or geothermal leasing or mineral materials laws.
Read More


2015 PNW Miners Rally

The 2015 PNW Miners Rally in Liberty, Washington went off well in spite of the Emergency Drought Restrictions that went into effect just a few days before the event, which limited our ability to demonstrate small scale prospecting equipment . Crowds came in spurts and due to the current wildfires occurring in central Washington state and the air quality was at times very bad!
Our hats are off to those courageous men and women fighting to stop the devastation being wreaked on the families and businesses in our great state! Monies were collected at this event to donate to the firefighting efforts.
Invitations were sent to our state Senators, Representatives, and supporting staff and families. We understand that the smoky conditions and other commitments was probably an issue. Special thanks go out to State Senator Pam Roach of the 31st Legislative District for attending with her family, we hope that they enjoyed the event and took away a positive perspective of the small scale mineral prospecting and mining community as a result!


Click the "Slideshow" link below to see photos from the 2015 PNW Miners Rally:
WARNING - Contains photos of recently found large local Gold Nugget's found in the vicinity of Liberty, Washington!!!
You may find yourself drooling on your keyboard...






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Study: Anglers’ Catch-And-Release Revival Techniques Shown To Not Always Benefit Fish
The Columbia Basin Bulletin: Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015 (PST)
Fish and Wildlife News Bulletin

Resources Coalition to Fish Not Gold, Catch-And-Release related


SSB 5705 - 2015-16

Establishing a mineral prospecting and mining advisory committee.
Mar 18 Scheduled for public hearing in the House Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources at 8:00 AM. (Subject to change)
This is important so that we have a place at the table when it comes to decisions that will affect the small scale mining community!
If you can makes an appearance to show your support, it goes a long way...
That is how we helped to defeat HB 1162!
SENATE BILL REPORT SSB 5705 As Passed Senate, March 4, 2015
SB 5705 - 2015-16 History


Fish consumption rule proposed for Washington state

Gov. Inslee is proposing to address toxics that enter the environment from unregulated everyday sources, such as consumer products
Ecology will hold public hearings about the proposed water quality standards on March 3 in Spokane, March 4 in Yakima, and March 12 in Lacey.
Online participation is possible during the March 12 public hearings.
Submit comments about the proposed water quality standards in writing by midnight March 23, 2015.
•Mail: Cheryl Niemi, Washington Department of Ecology, Water Quality Program, P.O. Box 47600, Olympia WA 98504-7600
details about the proposed rule and the public hearings on Ecology’s rule-making website


HB 1162 is dead in the 2015-16 legislative session!

We want to express our gratitude to all of the hard working members of the small scale mining community who put out an excellent effort to defeat this bad bill.
We must remain vigilant, there will be more of this to come, unfortunately for all of our western states the cancer continues.


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