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Mission Statement

The purposes and nature for which this corporation, a Washington State nonprofit charitable organization, is formed are:


Our mission is to bring about a consensus on the usage of public land through education and respect for private property without endangering the basic freedoms of our country. We have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as part of our heritage and access to a variety of usages on private and public lands is part of this right.


Who are we, and what are we about?

  • Resources Coalition came out of the small scale mining community and our goal is a balanced approach to use of our natural resources.
  • We strive to protect our rights, those that made our country great.

WDFW invites public to help identify conservation and recreation priorities

OLYMPIA - State fish and wildlife leaders are asking people to share their views on the values and priorities that should drive the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) over the next several years. The opportunity is part of WDFW's new multi-year initiative, "Washington's Wild Future: A Partnership for Fish and Wildlife," which is an effort to strengthen the department's relationships with communities, increase support for conservation and outdoor recreation, and help ensure WDFW programs and services meet the public's needs.


The meetings are scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. at the following dates and locations:
  • Sept. 10 - Selah Civic Center, 216 1st St., Selah.
  • Sept. 30 - Center Place, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley.
  • Oct. 6 - WDFW Mill Creek Office, 16018 Mill Creek Blvd, Mill Creek.
  • Oct. 8 - Saint Martin's University, Norman Worthington Conference Center, 5300 Pacific Ave. SE, Lacey.
  • Oct. 14 - Water Resources Education Center, 4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver.
  • Oct. 20 - Port of Chelan County Confluence Technology Center, 285 Technology Center Way, Wenatchee.


Each meeting will include a brief presentation from a WDFW regional director about the importance of fish and wildlife management to Washington's quality of life and the economies of local communities throughout the state. Participants will then be invited to talk in small groups with representatives of the department's Fish, Wildlife, Enforcement, Licensing, and Habitat programs, as well as Unsworth and his staff.


2015 Oktoberfest Event in Honor of Jerry Hobbs

AMERICAN PROSPECTOR TREASURE SEEKER is in full force with the planning stages for the 2015 Oktoberfest event! In honor of Jerry Hobbs, founder of the PLP who dedicated the last 25 years of his life to fighting for our rights to public lands.
The event is quickly approaching and we need a head-count for purchasing food, if you plan to attend please RSVP BY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH. We'll still be able to accept signups after this date, however to participate in the Saturday night BBQ, we'll need your RSVP NO LATER than this date.
Click on this link for full event details and signup link.
If you have any issues signing up through this link, please call us at 951-676-2555 and we can do it for you. You're welcome to use any major credit card OR a PayPal account at the link. Again, please call us if you have any issues and we can help you with it.
You're also more than welcome to come to our store if you'd prefer to pay cash: 28900 Old Town Front St, Suite 101 , Temecula , CA 92590 .


This is a 4-day event, however if you can't make it for all, you're still welcome to join! RSVP in advance is REQUIRED per BLM requirements. Please help us with our planning efforts by signing up as soon as possible if you plan to attend, and again if you plan to be included in the Saturday night BBQ, please RSVP BY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH.
Thank you for all your help, kind words, donations & consideration, we look forward to another amazing OKTOBERFEST EVENT!


Here are some of the great prizes for the Saturday night give-aways. Give away entry tickets are INCLUDED in the event entry donation! Additional tickets available for purchase as well.
Some of the prizes donated so far!
  • 151S Dry Washer from Keene Engineering
  • Whites Sierra SST Super Trac Detector from PLP
  • Gold Cube from Mike Pung & Red Wilcox
  • Dry Concentrator from Mad Mining
  • 6.4 gram Gold Nugget from Miners Keepers
  • Gold detector (model TBD) from Whites Electronics
  • Gold Bug Pro detector from Fisher Electronics


2015 PNW Miners Rally

The 2015 PNW Miners Rally in Liberty, Washington went off well in spite of the Emergency Drought Restrictions that went into effect just a few days before the event, which limited our ability to demonstrate small scale prospecting equipment . Crowds came in spurts and due to the current wildfires occurring in central Washington state and the air quality was at times very bad!
Our hats are off to those courageous men and women fighting to stop the devastation being wreaked on the families and businesses in our great state! Monies were collected at this event to donate to the firefighting efforts.
Invitations were sent to our state Senators, Representatives, and supporting staff and families. We understand that the smoky conditions and other commitments was probably an issue. Special thanks go out to State Senator Pam Roach of the 31st Legislative District for attending with her family, we hope that they enjoyed the event and took away a positive perspective of the small scale mineral prospecting and mining community as a result!


Click the "Slideshow" link below to see photos from the 2015 PNW Miners Rally:
WARNING - Contains photos of recently found large local Gold Nugget's found in the vicinity of Liberty, Washington!!!
You may find yourself drooling on your keyboard...


Drought conditions prompt WDFW to limit suction dredging, other activities in rivers

To protect fish life, WDFW aligned the authorized work times for all active HPAs including the pamphlets with drought-related fishing closures or restrictions in effect on August 14,2015.
This applies to suction dredging only!
NEWS RELEASE August 14, 2015
Under the emergency regulations, gold dredging and mechanical removal of aquatic plants are now prohibited on more than 35 rivers and closed during the warmest hours of the day on at least 30 others.


Emergency Rules (PDF)
Emergency rules are currently in place on certain rivers and streams restricting suction dredging for gold and other minerals due to drought conditions. As noted in the list below, these activities are now prohibited in some waters and limited to certain hours in others. Emergency rules will be in place until further notice and may change in response to new developments.


The authority for these restrictions and closures can be found here:
RCW 34.05.350 - Emergency rules and amendments


The breakdown for the major gold producing areas are as follows:
Chelan County:
Wenatchee River from mouth to the Icicle River Road Bridge: Closed to suction dredging.
Icicle River from the mouth to 500 feet downstream of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery Barrier Dam: Closed to suction dredging.
Peshastin Creek and all tributaries: Closed daily to suction dredging from 2 PM to onehalf hour after official sunset.


Kittitas County:
Little Naches River: Closed to suction dredging.
Teanaway River, including West, Middle and North Forks: Closed to suction dredging.
Swauk Creek and all tributaries downstream from the confluence of Williams Creek: Closed daily to suction dredging from 2 PM to until one-half hour after official sunset.
Williams Creek and all tributaries and Swauk Creek and all tributaries upstream from the confluence of Williams Creek: Closed to suction dredging.


Okanogan County:
Methow River from County Road 1535 Bridge (lower Burma Rd.) upstream to Weeman Bridge (8 miles upstream of Winthrop): Closed daily to suction dredging from 2 PM to one-half hour after official sunset. Okanogan River from the Hwy 97 Bridge immediately upstream of the mouth to Zosel Dam: Closed to suction dredging. Similkameen River from the mouth upstream to Enloe Dam: Closed to suction dredging.


Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust Pushes Again for Failed National Heritage Area Designation

Posted on July 12, 2015
Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights Alert
Fellow Mineral prospectors, miners, rock hounds and outdoor enthusiasts;
Please read this linked article on the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and their new Push for the Failed National Heritage Area Designation written by Cindy and share it widely. Just think, You may be the person who gets this insanity to stop.
More Information:
Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust
National Heritage Area


2015 PNW Miners Rally

August 21 thru 23, 2015
Annual Liberty miners rally draws a curious crowd (2014)
Daily Record, Ellensburg, WA: By CHLOE ALLMAND, Aug 25, 2014
Association/Club/Vendor Application





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Review of the 2015 Gold & FishPamphlet

By Dennis Petersen (7/02/15)
Washington State 2015 Gold and Fish Pamphlet Review



Study: Anglers’ Catch-And-Release Revival Techniques Shown To Not Always Benefit Fish
The Columbia Basin Bulletin: Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015 (PST)
Fish and Wildlife News Bulletin

Resources Coalition to Fish Not Gold, Catch-And-Release related


SSB 5705 - 2015-16

Establishing a mineral prospecting and mining advisory committee.
Mar 18 Scheduled for public hearing in the House Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources at 8:00 AM. (Subject to change)
This is important so that we have a place at the table when it comes to decisions that will affect the small scale mining community!
If you can makes an appearance to show your support, it goes a long way...
That is how we helped to defeat HB 1162!
SENATE BILL REPORT SSB 5705 As Passed Senate, March 4, 2015
SB 5705 - 2015-16 History


Fish consumption rule proposed for Washington state

Gov. Inslee is proposing to address toxics that enter the environment from unregulated everyday sources, such as consumer products
Ecology will hold public hearings about the proposed water quality standards on March 3 in Spokane, March 4 in Yakima, and March 12 in Lacey.
Online participation is possible during the March 12 public hearings.
Submit comments about the proposed water quality standards in writing by midnight March 23, 2015.
•Mail: Cheryl Niemi, Washington Department of Ecology, Water Quality Program, P.O. Box 47600, Olympia WA 98504-7600
details about the proposed rule and the public hearings on Ecology’s rule-making website


HB 1162 is dead in the 2015-16 legislative session!

We want to express our gratitude to all of the hard working members of the small scale mining community who put out an excellent effort to defeat this bad bill.
We must remain vigilant, there will be more of this to come, unfortunately for all of our western states the cancer continues.


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Republicans Introduce Bill Based On The Idea That Environmentalists Caused California’s Drought

ThinkProgress: by Katie Valentine Posted on June 26, 2015 at 12:06 pm
Environmentalists Caused California’s Drought



San Bernardino Superior Court, Case No. JCPDS4720
Judge Keeps Ban on Suction Dredge Gold Mining
Suzanne Potter, Public News Service - CA, June 25, 2015


Greens Fight Dredging of San Francisco Bay

Courthouse News Service: By ELIZABETH WARMERDAM
Maintenance Dredging of the Federal Navigation Channels in San Francisco Bay, Fiscal Years 2015-2015


Native American Fish & Wildlife Society Announces Resolution Supporting Tribal Efforts to Reduce Lead Ammunition

DENVER, CO, U.S., June 30, 2015 /
Approved Resolution Promotes Safer Environment for Wildlife and People on Tribal Lands


Big Victory in California over Suction Dredge Moratorium

Judge Gilbert Ochoa's ruling January 12, 2015 in San Bernardino on the issue of Federal Preemption.
"On its motions for summary adjudication, the Court finds there is no triable issue of material fact on the issue of Federal Preemption and that as a matter of law and in actual fact, that the State's extraordinary scheme of requiring permits and then refusing to issue them whether and/or being unable to issue permits for years, stands 'as an obstacle to the accomplishment of the full purposes and objectives of Congress' under Granite Rock and a de facto ban."
California gold miners score another win over state (The Sacramento Bee |
Suction Gold Dredge Miners WIN on Federal Preemption! (ICMJ)