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Mission Statement

The purposes and nature for which this corporation, a nonprofit charitable organization, is formed are:


Our mission is to bring about a consensus on the usage of public land through education and respect for private property without endangering the basic freedoms of our country. We have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as part of our heritage and access to a variety of usages on private and public lands is part of this right.


Who are we, and where are we about?

  • Resources Coalition came out of the small scale mining community and our goal is a balanced approach to use of our natural resources.
  • We strive to protect our rights, those that made our country great.

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Current News and Information


Are you willing to pay $150.00 for the Privilege to Pan for Gold? There are some who think you should!
Gold Panning, are you ready to pay for it?


FISH NOT GOLD does it again, makes a post about a story that wasn't true! King 5 News video proves NMFS letter to Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission was untrue about allegedly 35 suction dredgers in a concentrated area!
It's seems to be a chronic problem with those people!
Tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!


Mt. St. Helens did not destroy the North Fork of the Toutle River or a Wild Steelhead population and neither can Small Scale Miners using Suction Gold Dredges!
Suction Dredging is not destruction!


Pacific Northwest Miners Rally 2013

Resources Coalition is proud to announce our annual PNW Miners Rally, August 22, 23 and 24, 2014 in historic Liberty, Washington.
The Rally is free and open to everyone.
This annual gathering provides pacific northwest mineral prospectors, miners and the general public an opportunity to openly discuss important events and actions affecting prospecting and mining, demonstrate and observe new technologies, buy and sell equipment and parts, show off some finds and catch up with friends.


Some of the Highlights of this 3 day event include;
  • Self Guided Tour of Historic Liberty
  • Watch an original Arrastra in operation
  • Visit nearby gemstone sites
  • Educational Presentations and Lectures
  • Hands on Equipment Demonstrations
  • Prospecting & Mining Associations & Clubs
  • Purchase Prospecting and Mining Equipment
  • Metal Detector Night Hunt

We invite everybody to come spend a weekend learning and re-living Washington's prospecting and mining heritage. With plenty of free tent and RV camping (dry) and a limited food service available at the rally site, there is no excuse. For those with particular needs, lodging, restaurants and shopping is available in the nearby towns. Saturday there will be a potluck dinner for those that wish to contribute.


If you desire additional information, have a product or service that you would like to sell or showcase at the rally or have a product or service you would like to donate, please contact our Rally Coordinator;
Wayne Whitehall
3101 Hedding St.
Entiat, WA 98822


If you are a member of a club, please print and distribute our informational flyer to your members;
2014 Pacific Northwest Miners Rally Flyer


If you are a club, organization or vendor who would like to have a space reserved at the Resources Coalition PNW Miners Rally 2014, please download our application and submit it to the address listed on the form (Please use the 2013 form until we get it updated);
2014 Pacific Northwest Miners Rally Vendor Application


Let's make this even better than last year!


So, you want to work beyond the limitations of the Gold and Fish Pamphlet?

New for 2013, the WDFW has published the simplified application to acquire an individual HPA which we in the small scale mineral prospecting and mining community are authorized to use.
The form can be found here Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA). You may download it as an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word Version.
It is only 2 pages since Mineral Prospecting and Mining is categorically exempt per WAC 197-11-385(3) for the requirements of a SEPA, we suggest that you write that in the "Summary of project" section of your application.
This HPA is also exempt for the new $150 Fee imposed on other types of HPA's!
Sample Simplified Application


Application for Ocean Beach Mineral Prospecting - HPA
The WDFW has provided this streamlined application for use by anyone applying for approval from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to prospect on Washington's coastal ocean beaches. Please submit using the following options:
Print the form, complete it by hand, and mail, FAX, or hand deliver to WDFW's Olympia office
Complete the digital form on their computer, print it, sign it, and mail, FAX, or hand deliver to WDFW's Olympia office
Complete the digital form on their computer, print it, sign it, digitally scan the completed form, and email it to hpaapplications@dfw.wa.gov
A JARPA is no longer required but may still be used.


Small Scale Mineral Prospecting and Mining on Washingtons Beaches: On August 11, 2011, the Washington Parks and Recreation Commission adopted rules that will allow prospecting and mining on Washington Beaches, refered to as the Seashore Conservation Area. The rules, which you can view by clicking this link, went into effect on October 9, 2011. Before you can work the beaches, you must first obtain an individual Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) as WDFW has regulatory authority for the area below the ordinary high water line. Elimination for the need for an HPA will require either a change to Statute RCW 77.55 or to agency rules WAC 220-110-200 thru 206.


In the event that the WDFW denies or places unacceptable conditions on your HPA, you have the opportunity to appeal that decision within 30 days of the decision. There are 2 ways to appeal. the first is an "Informal Appeal" to WDFW and the other is a hearing before the Pollution Control Hearings Board. To make this easy for you, Resources Coalition has created a form that you can print, fill out and send to the appropriate agency to begin your Appeal process. Use this link to download: Appeal Request
Also, you should make a copy this completed Appeal Request Form to keep for your records, and please mail an additional completed copy to:
Resources Coalition
PO BOX 2131
Sumner, WA 98390


The Right to Know works both ways!

When an officer stops anyone for possible violation, one has the right to understand what he or she is not in compliance with. On the same token as individual we have the right for attorney before giving any statement concerning any action you may have been involved in. When confronted by a officer who appears to have intent of writing a citation one must question the grounds of their knowledge without admitting any wrong doing. By asking what law are you citing? What is your badge number? Are you sure of the code in regards of your observation or understanding? The fish & gold book is full of information which is less then clear, do not say I was doing this just ask where and how was I violating the law?


Download and print out this Public Servant Questionaire Form, it is Public Law and you have the Right to use it!

Public Servant Questionaire


Harassment can be an issue, yet when an officer questions your operation be polite yet firm on understanding what it is that he finds offensive or in violation. We at Resources want to know of any questioning especially if the officer is threatening and did not right a citation. Now if you are in the wrong, one can expect the citation, yet one must always be aware that the officer may not have the correct understanding of law he or she feels is in question.




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In Memory of...
Resources Coalition sadly has lost two very special people recently.



Harry Clyde “Butch” Wilson
Sept. 20, 1941 to March 11, 2014
Butch was a gold prospector and served as the secretary for the Resources Coalition. He enjoyed all sports, but most especially NASCAR racing. He also enjoyed traveling in his motorhome and spending time with his family and friends. Butch truly cherished the moments spent with his grandchildren at all of their extracurricular activities they participated in. We will sorely miss Butch for both his humor and commitment to serving others!
Memorial Service for Harry Clyde “Butch” Wilson
We will be holding a Memorial Service for Harry "Butch" Wilson on Sunday, May 4th 2014 @2:00 pm at the:
Highlands Neighborhood Center
800 Edmonds Ave NE
Renton, WA 98056
I-405 Take Exit 5 (NE Park Drive)
Head East on NE Park Drive (which turns into NE Sunset Blvd)
Take second RIGHT onto Edmonds Ave NE
Destination will be on your LEFT



Susan Jo Wilson
Susan set out on her last great adventure to meet her Father in heaven on Feb. 27, 2014, after 71 years of a courageous, adventurous and cheerful life. As a four-time cancer survivor, her courage and determination influenced and amazed those who were fortunate enough to know her. Susan and Ronald Wilson were married Jan. 3, 1966, and she will be greatly missed by Ronald as he has now lost his wife, companion and partner in adventure. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Ronald and all of his family, as we also feel much sadness with the loss of our truly committed friend.



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