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The purposes and nature for which this corporation, a Washington State nonprofit charitable organization, is formed are:


Our mission is to bring about a consensus on the usage of public land through education and respect for private property without endangering the basic freedoms of our country. We have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as part of our heritage and access to a variety of usages on private and public lands is part of this right.


Who are we, and what are we about?

  • Resources Coalition came out of the small scale mining community and our goal is a balanced approach to use of our natural resources.
  • We strive to protect our rights, those that made our country great.

More HOUSE BILL 1162 Information


Here We Go Again!

Last year it was the "Give Fish a Chance Act", HB 2579 that would prohibit the department of fish and wildlife from issuing a permit for the use of a suction dredge in certain state waters.
The new bill; HB 1162 - 2015-16 Concerning motorized motorized mineral prospecting goes even farther by requiring the WDFW to initiate and complete a scientific study that evaluates the effects, both acute and cumulative, of motorized mineral prospecting!
Anywhere "ALL" fishing is prohibited, No HPA's shall be issued.
ALL HPA's shall be charged a $150.00 application and modification fees.


This will cost Washington State Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars not to mention unnecessarily wasting the valuable time and resources of all involved. This has been beat to death over countless hours and there is absolutely no need to do this again.


The Gold and Fish Pamphlet provides adequate protection of fish and critical habitat. In a response to a comment this past year the Commission had this to say;
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife does not support the wholesale prohibition of mineral prospecting in waters listed as critical habitat for salmon, steelhead, and bull trout under the Endangered Species Act. Under federal law the department cannot prohibit all forms of mining on federal mining claims, although we can regulate those activities. Even in waters that are not contained in a federal mining claim, we believe that with proper regulation, mineral prospecting can occur in most waters of the state without impact to fish life.
Read more here: WA Fish and Wildlife Commission Response


Fish Not Gold's Kim McDonald started this last year by getting the attention of Gael Tarleton, a Washington State Representative in the 36th Legislative District, which has NO motorized mineral prospecting or any other type of mineral prospecting.
Kim McDonald has a lot of issues, especially when it comes to being truthful. If you would like to know more about Kim McDonald, please read the following links, we're sure it will raise your eyebrows!
Puzzling Justice
Does Kimberlee McDonald's case reveal prosecutors bent on revenge or a con artist working the system?
Ex-Attorney Sentenced For Thefts
"A former Seattle attorney convicted earlier this month of stealing $135,903 from several of her clients was sentenced to one year and 10 months in prison by King County Superior Court..."
"But the judge cited mitigating circumstances - testimony during the trial that McDonald suffered from a mental impairment..."
STATE of Washington, Respondent, v. Kimberlee Ann McDONALD, Appellant
McDonald was admitted to practice law in Washington State in 1981. In December 1990, she stipulated with the Washington State Bar Association that she had misappropriated client trust funds. The Bar immediately suspended her from practice. Two years later, our Supreme Court disbarred her.


Big Victory in California over Suction Dredge Moratorium

Judge Gilbert Ochoa's ruling January 12, 2015 in San Bernardino on the issue of Federal Preemption.
"On its motions for summary adjudication, the Court finds there is no triable issue of material fact on the issue of Federal Preemption and that as a matter of law and in actual fact, that the State's extraordinary scheme of requiring permits and then refusing to issue them whether and/or being unable to issue permits for years, stands 'as an obstacle to the accomplishment of the full purposes and objectives of Congress' under Granite Rock and a de facto ban."
California gold miners score another win over state (The Sacramento Bee |
Suction Gold Dredge Miners WIN on Federal Preemption! (ICMJ)



Fish consumption rule proposed for Washington state

Gov. Inslee is proposing to address toxics that enter the environment from unregulated everyday sources, such as consumer products
Ecology will hold public hearings about the proposed water quality standards on March 3 in Spokane, March 4 in Yakima, and March 12 in Lacey.
Online participation is possible during the March 12 public hearings.
Submit comments about the proposed water quality standards in writing by midnight March 23, 2015.
•Mail: Cheryl Niemi, Washington Department of Ecology, Water Quality Program, P.O. Box 47600, Olympia WA 98504-7600
details about the proposed rule and the public hearings on Ecology’s rule-making website


Court rejects stricter rules against lead bullets

Federal appeals court ruled against environmentalists who were trying to force the EPA to regulate spent bullets and lead shot.
Environmentalists don't win them all!!!




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